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#301 Nike's Squeaker

Critically Endangered

These may seem a small frog, but they are one of the largest in their genus with a little over 2 inch SVL (snout to vent length if you've forgotten from when I did all the frogs). They are endemic from a very small area of forest in the Rubeho Mountains in Tanzania. It is unknown how many there are, they were discovered fairly recently. The area they are in is a little over a square mile and a quarter though, and is threatened by logging which means they could be easily wiped out if enough is not done to save their habitat.

I love their name! They are not named because of the shoe company that is near me here in Oregon. They are named after the woman who found them. I especially love the squeaker part of their name. Really, there is a genus of frogs called squeakers. It makes me smile just thinking about it. I haven't found what these ones sound like. Another Squeaker I may paint before the year is out, I've heard someone mimic the squeaky noise they make but that is it. I had only found 3 pictures I was pretty sure were this frog, 2 of the same preserved specimen, one from above and one from below. Because it was preserved, I knew the colour could be off, and maybe even the markings were more or less noticeable. The other picture I saw was again from above, and almost an army green. I looked at the other squeakers it was described as being similar to, but I wanted to double check on what the eyes looked like so I emailed the woman they are named after. She was amazing, as have almost every single person I've contacted about these animals. She immediately sent me a great picture that showed the eyes, and I based the colouring of the frog off that picture as well. You can't tell, but I used some of the gold pencil on the top of their eyes. I had come up with a composition I thought would be cute, but because of something she said about them I decided to show it leaping. Apparently they are really quite fantastic jumpers. I hope she likes the painting and it reminds her of her frog. If she allows me, I will tell you her opinion of the painting, good or bad though I really hope for the good!

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