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#315 Madagascar Blind Snake

Critically Endangered

These snakes were discovered in 1905, but then not seen again until 2005. They are pretty, a variety of pinks with hints of blue and purple. Their head is a fairly flat shape which should help them dig in the sandy dirt they prefer. This painting is life-sized. As you can imagine they are often mistaken for worms, which can be a problem because people don't generally care of a worm is accidentally killed while digging. Mining is the biggest threat for these because they live in an incredibly small area. They eat insects such as termites and ants. Unfortunately there are no conservation efforts in place for these.

We've been getting a very weird, chubby, and rather fluffy not-a-bird in our bird feeder. This picture was taken through the filthy window while trying to be very sneaky because it is quite skittish. I don't know if it is a girl or not, but my guess is that this is a pregnant one. She's absolutely massive. I'm not upset with her eating here, unless she scares off crows. If I were to decide I needed to keep any fuzzy rodents out of our feeder, I would put out something for her elsewhere too. I wouldn't want to leave her in the lurch like that. We have had a crow hang out in our neighbour's tree a couple times now and ours as well. It makes me so excited to have a crow even thinking about spending some time in our area. Whenever I hear it, I go out and try to make sure it sees me put some peanuts in the feeder for it.

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