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#320 Wellington's Solitary Coral

Critically Endangered

When looking for a coral to paint yesterday, I could not decide between that one and today's. So, why not do both? This one looks a bit more like a flower so seems fitting for Mother's Day. There is almost no information about the coral, and as with yesterday's, there was only one photo for sure that I could find of it. They too are from the Galapagos Islands, and were almost decimated by the same 1982-1983 El Niño event. They had been considered abundant in several areas before then, but only still found in a couple places after. They then disappeared from those locations and have not been seen since 2000.

I have to be quick today. We are about to head out to deliver Mother's Day presents, and for one of them it is an hour and a half drive one way. We have to take the dogs because it has to be the whole family going and we cannot leave them home that long, it isn't fair to them. Happy Mother's Day for the countries that celebrate it today, and happy belated or early Mother's Day to the countries that don't celebrate it today. It is a good day for me whenever I am able to spend time with my husband and sons.

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