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#330 Red Orchid Bee Shrimp

Critically Endangered

These shrimp are from Indonesia. They are popular in the pet trade, and most of the sites with any information about them were purely selling them or telling how to care for them. Wikipedia did not even have a page with a sentence or two about them. Usually I will find a page that at least acknowledges the animal exists and shares their location or says what other animals they are related to. Some animals though, like this shrimp, do not even rate that it seems. There is a fish called the Flowerhorn Cichlid that is expected to reduce the population of this fish by over 90% by 2029.

I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow. I have to make sure I paint before I go because sometimes my eyes have been known to stay dilated for several days, which will make painting very difficult for me. I always tell doctors ahead of time to use the weakest formula they have, but it doesn't always help a whole lot. I don't know why. I've got fairly dark blue eyes, and while I was told that blue eyes stay dilated longer, light blue eyes are supposedly the worst at that. The eye doctor clinic I am going to is known as the best one in Oregon. I am very hopeful that they will be able to help me feel more confident in my vision which I do feel has been going downhill pretty quickly lately. It isn't fast enough that I won't be able to finish this project obviously, but I do worry about in the future, if I will be able to continue painting long term. I will let you know what we find out.

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