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#344 Dragon Snail

Critically Endangered

There is more than one kind of snail called a dragon snail. This one seems to have been discovered in 2017, and is not likely to be the snail that comes up if you simply search for dragon snail. This is the Dracogyra subfuscus if you want to look them up for yourself. They are only from one area of the Southwest Indian Ridge's hydrothermal field. I couldn't paint their foot because I am not certain what it looks like. I only saw one specimen, it had been removed from its shell and was all curled into a ball, obviously not living. Their snails are surprisingly spherical, the whorls do not really stand out from each other. Though they are in a relatively inaccessible area, their range is so limited and there is potential for deep-sea mining in the area that could wipe them out, which is why they are classified as critically endangered.

Well, the new glasses did not work. It was ok for when I was driving except I was not able to read my GPS which I actually needed. Later they were fine when I went on a walk at night with my son, but if I had wanted to text someone or look at my phone for any reason, it would not have worked. When I am inside the house and when I was at the store, It made me feel sick and my eyes ended up hurting so much. I tried again to wear them this morning because sometimes after you wake up and try on new glasses first thing it helps. I had to stop after just an hour and go lie down with my eyes closed for a couple hours before they stopped aching. I was truly worried I wouldn't be able to paint. I had tried the glasses she prescribed for me to use with near work for about a minute, and almost threw up. So, I am back to wearing my old glasses, until I hear back from the doctor and get things figured out. I don't know how it works with having to get 2 prescriptions re-done and am a bit scared about possibly having to pay for them since insurance only covers the first round. I've never had to do this before. It is 3:36 in the evening right now, and my eyes still hurt! I will say though, going down stairs seems a little easier because I can see my feet more clearly than with the progressive lenses. I can envision these working well for hiking, but I don't want or need glasses that are that specific! Can you imagine having to juggle hiking glasses, computer glasses, painting glasses, wandering around the house glasses, grocery shopping glasses, etc.?! I am very low maintenance, I have 1 pair of shoes I use for walking and a pair of sandals, and those are all I wear 99% of the time. I have to dress up maybe once every 3-5 years because we don't go out and do fancy things. I do have boots I can wear when it gets snowy but that happens so rare in our area of Oregon that they have barely been used. I also do have some rain-boots that I have used since I taught pre-school and kindergarten. If you've ever gone to a pumpkin patch with kids in Oregon, you know you want boots. It is not fun to lose your shoes in 5 inches deep cold squishiness.

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