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#365 Lehmann's Poison Frog

Critically Endangered

These little frogs are from only 2 spots in Columbia. They were once quite common, but now are very rare. The threats against them are mostly from collecting for pet trade, along with that they face habitat loss and pollution primarily from agriculture. They are protected, but their numbers are still going down. According to the IUCN which is where I look up these animals, an estimated 80,000 were captured to become pets. They are toxic in the wild, but because they eat other food in captivity they aren't anymore. They can reach almost 1 1/2 inches SVL, and have 3 colour morphs which are red, orange, or yellow with striking black bands.

I have done a whole year of painting an animal every single day. This is just crazy to me! Because 2020 was a leap year, I am going to do one more painting. I know, a frog for heading into the leap year painting, it is a bit silly, but I can't help it, I like puns. My bff Ladybug picked this. I wanted to do a frog because an amphibian was due for today, but also because I like cheesy puns. She especially likes poison frogs so I gave her a couple options and let her pick which one I was going to paint, and which colour morph as well. I love doing paintings for other people, but I always feel more anxious about them than when I'm just painting them because I want to. I had to do probably 4 quick sketches of this before I liked it well enough to continue. By sketch, I mean a very faint outline that is barely noticeable in a colour I am using in the painting. Most people can't see the sketch I do, and with the frog I used a pale yellow, and even I had a hard time seeing it sometimes. Once I got it the way I liked it, I did my usual and painted the eye(s) and worked down from there.

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