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#47 Tarzan Chameleon

Critically Endangered

These are yet another critically endangered animal from Madagascar. Approximately 40% of all chameleons live in Madagascar. This species was not discovered until 3009. They are not a normal chameleon as far as looks go. They have a flat snout/nose, which is rather unusual. They are critically endangered due to habitat loss from logging, illegal gold mining, and destructive slash and burn farming. These aren't being caught for captive breeding programs either, so their future is quite uncertain.

Animals that can change their colours just fascinate me. I would be thrilled if I could more easily change the colour of my hair. It is very bright pink, but if I could have it be like a mood ring, or change whenever I wanted it to, I'd be so happy. That would be much easier than me having to bleach it and re-dye it every couple months. I love the name of these chameleons. I've looked at so many different species and I'm finding a whole lot of animals where the person who named them obviously was absolutely laughing after they settled on a name. Angry Worm Eel, Arrogant Shrew, and several kinds of Lazy Frogs, I may have to do a week of ones with names I think are funny or cute.

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