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#50 Green-eyed Bushfrog

Critically Endangered

Continuing with the green series

These frogs live in a very small area of India in the mountains. Their habitat is being taken for tea and other plantations, as well as getting heavy tourism. There is not much information I can find about these. I've seen several pictures, and they have the most amazing eyes. I just really have no idea how large or small they are, or anything about their behaviour. In all the pictures of them, it would appear they are quite small.

I decided that I had to do a second version, just an added bonus painting. The eyes of this frog really deserved more attention. I was able to use my gold pencil I have now. Even still, their eyes are more mesmerizing than I was able to capture.

Even though they are often noisy, I love the sound of frogs. There are Bullfrogs and Western Chorus Frogs in our neighbourhood. The Bullfrogs are quite noisy, as well as being big and invasive, but I still enjoy them. I had pet frogs when I was young, they are so fun to watch.

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