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#52 Green-flecked Salamander

Critically Endangered

The last of the green mini-series.

I could find almost no pictures of these. All of the pictures I found though, showed no green on the salamander at all. They are tiny, just 1½ to 2½ inches long. These salamanders are from forests in Mexico. They weren't seen from the 1960's until 2010. Their habitat is under serious threat because of logging and invasive species.

We have lots of salamanders in the area here. When we go to my in-laws farm we can often find them in the filbert orchard. We usually help them get out of the way of the areas that are going to be dangerous for them, don't want them run over by a tractor! There is a "tree farm" near us that we used to go to quite often. In essence it is like a park but with trees that are occasionally logged. They have many trails throughout the place, and a lovely stream. There we would always find salamanders and other critters as well. You can walk right by them if you aren't careful, they usually blend in very well to the surroundings. We've been camping there too. I learned that a 15F bag is only enough for me in the middle of a heatwave anymore. I get cold too easily. It was July, and I had to wear 2 pairs of leggings, 2 pairs of wool socks, a sweatshirt and wool shirt while in my sleeping bag with another sleeping bag used as a blanket on top of me. I was still cold. Seriously, my husband has bought space heaters for me to strategically put throughout the house so I don't have to heat the whole house and make everyone else sweat just to keep from shivering. I have one going right now in fact.

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