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#71 Yellow Goldflake

Critically Endangered

Another in the theme of yellow

These are from Lake Towuti in Sulawesi, India. They are facing extinction because of pollution, the introduction of Flowerhorn cichlids, and being caught for pet trade. They have a lot of common names other than yellow goldflake. They are also called yellow cheek, Sulawesi yellow nose, and red goldflake shrimp. Shrimp have 26 legs, but I haven't even tried for that many. If I added more it would be way too busy and messy looking. Sometimes as an artist you have to take liberties and decide to do something that isn't technically correct so that it looks right.

I don't know why, but shrimp creep me out. I think they are cute, but they also give me the heebie jeebies. I don't mind lobster, don't mind pill-bugs, don't even mind millipedes, but shrimp can only be cute at a distance. Interestingly, my spell checker apparently doesn't believe someone my age should be using such an old term as heebie jeebies. Either that or it refuses to acknowledge I've spelled it correctly because then I won't be able to even pretend I'm cool. Come to think of it, I don't believe either of my kids says anything is cool, but I'm certain they wouldn't use it when describing me. My oldest once did say that occasionally he wishes I'd grow up a little. Sadly, I'm not sure that will ever happen. In the meantime, he has to recline his seat and hide in the car when I start to dance to music I'm playing loudly.

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