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#72 Yellow-spotted Tree Frog

Critically Endangered

Fourth in the yellow series

These are also known as the New England swamp frog, table lands bell frog, and the yellow-spotted bell frog. They are from Australia and for a while were thought to be extinct. They had not been seen since 1980. Around 2010 though scientists found some, and just in time they captured enough to start a breeding program. Not long after, the wild frogs died out due to 2 floods, and a fungus infection! It took almost 7 years, but the captive breeding program was finally successful. There have been some frogs released in a secret location. Although they are called a tree frog, they live in marshes, swamps, and ponds.

I'm really not a very serious sort of person. I mean, I can be, I am always willing to listen and commiserate when a friend needs a shoulder to cry on. Unless I need to though, I much prefer to smile and laugh, and am always trying to make others smile or laugh. I kept giggling as I drew this. There is a reason other than just because it showed off the frog's cute pudgy tummy and is a bit goofy. I decided to do the painting like this because the yellow spots are mostly on the back legs, not near the face which I would have been focusing on otherwise.

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