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#81 Perionychella Ngakawau

Critically Endangered

Yesterday I planned to do one animal, couldn't find any pictures of it. I decided to do a different animal, but couldn't find any pictures of it either. Neither had a written description either, so then I went with the vulture. With this worm, I cannot even find a common name for it. My best friend and I have decided we are calling it the "middle earthworm" because they are from New Zealand where the "Lord of the Rings" was filmed. At this point I made up my mind that I absolutely would do a week or even 2 of "the unknown" as another theme within the project (after I finish with colours). I do not know what this worm looks like, but without a traditional face, it is possible it looks fairly similar to this. There is not much I can find about it. There is no protection in place for them that I can find. They only live in a small area of New Zealand, and the quality of their habitat is declining. They are threatened by mining and quarries, but as their numbers are unknown it is just assumed the numbers are going downhill.

I do not have any fire or smoke pictures for today, we are trying to stay inside and even keeping the dogs inside as much as possible. My kids are wearing respirator masks in order to give the dogs a short walk every night, essentially to the end of the block and back. Everything smells like smoke, but not a nice campfire type smoke. At the coast it smelled like a nice wood fire, just overwhelming. Here it is more of an ashtray or burnt popcorn kind of smell.

I had a pet worm as a kid, it was named Sam. Sam was pretty amazing. What I assumed was his face would follow my finger. I would have it doing tricks on my palm, rising up like a snake, going left and right just following wherever I had my finger. Looking back on the experience as a cynical sort of adult, I honestly don't know why it did that, but as a kid I was sure Sam was an extra smart and loved me. I may have been a very weird child, but it certainly made life more fun.

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