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#88 Opisthoteuthis Chathamensis

Critically Endangered

That is a tough name, but I could find no common name listed. The only picture I saw of this little octopus was of a dead one, quite flat. It was rather sad looking. I also saw another site that had a simple line drawing which they said was not actually it, but an example of the type of octopus they are. These live off the coast of New Zealand, if they are still there. They have not been seen since 1999. They used to be a by-catch species fairly often unfortunately. They really are quite small, only about 7 inches long.

Crows are one of the 2 animals I would never have as a pet but wish they would seek me out and decide they love me. Octopuses are the other. Ok, I'd take an elephant deciding I'm worth befriending too, but I don't like the idea of having to clean up the poo from an elephant! Well, and I have less of a chance of an elephant showing up at my house or at my parents' here in Oregon. I avoid getting in the water at the ocean, but if I knew I would have a chance to see an octopus I'd risk being bitten by a shark for sure. Some day, I would like to be able to interact with an octopus but only if it was fine with it. The amount of intelligence these amazing animals have. It is even more incredible to me because of how short their lives are. I wish they lived 40 years or more, and I could have the opportunity to spend time getting to know one.

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