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#26 Malagasy Rainbow Frog


Still frog week

These are such adorable round little frogs. They range from less than an inch to about an inch and a half long. They are from dry rocky forested areas of Madagascar. They are a burrowing frog, but are pretty good at climbing up rocks which they do to avoid flooding. The fact that they are sedentary does not help their survival because it means their range is reduced. Habitat loss is a big problem for them. Another problem is over-collection due to the pet trade. Interestingly and thankfully, though some have been found positive with the fungal infection that kills so many frogs, it doesn't seem to be infecting them a lot.

My youngest doesn't check my blog so it is fine to share this. I am trying to figure out the colours to use in making a temperature afghan for him. I did the same thing for my oldest. I told my youngest back when I did the first one that I'd be making him one, but I don't know if he remembers so I'm going to try to keep it a secret. For those of you who have never heard of these, they are usually done differently than I'm doing. Most people do an afghan for a whole year, starting on January. I started it my son's first day of his senior year and stopped on the day of his graduation. What you do is you make note of the temperature of the day, and you go with a key you've created to determine what colour goes with what temperature. So for him, I went from 30 to 100 degrees (Fahrenheit). I did it in 5 degree increments. I had maybe one or two that were the coldest colour, but I don't think I ended up with any in the last range. On important dates I used 2 strands. Days that were important band days I added a sparkly gold thread, and for days like birthdays or Halloween I used his favourite colour but sparkly. I also made a little book for him so he can go back years from now to figure out what row was what day. The afghan was really quite huge, my son is 6'2" and has his arms totally raised, I wouldn't have wanted to do a full year for sure! My kids are very different, and I need to figure out colours I think will work better for my younger one that will also work well together. I am thinking of doing a different pattern too.

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