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#27 Goliath Frog


These are also known as the Giant Slippery Frog or Goliath Bullfrog

This is the world's largest living frog, weighing up to 7.2 pounds and 13 inches long SVL. Their eye can be about an inch in diameter which is what I used to make this be a life-sized painting. I could not find any measurements other than eye size, weight, and their length from their nose to their hind end (not including legs). They can jump 10 feet and have very good hearing. Most say they cannot make any noises of their own because they have no vocal chords, but at least one recent study has shown them to be able to make chirps and whistles. They can live up to 15 years in the wild, but in captivity they do not do well. If someone manages to replicate their habitat (fast moving rivers and waterfalls in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea) and they survive while in captivity, it does live up to 20 years. The main threats to them are some habitat loss, but mostly being hunted by people for food. As far as what these eat, crickets, snakes, fish, pretty much any animals they can fit in their mouth. They even catch and eat bats! Amazingly, the tadpoles are normal tadpole sized initially.

I love it when there are so many interesting facts about an animal I am painting. What I didn't love was that while I was looking for pictures of this frog the majority were showing either different frogs that are also known for being big, or they showed this frog being butchered. I'm used to seeing dead animals now because so often all I have to look at for a reference is a skin from some long-dead animal. I don't usually have to look at pictures of them being killed or prepared for being eaten. I would rather not see that. More enjoyable is when I get to see frogs out in nature. I've raised many Western Chorus tadpoles to release back into the wild, hopefully giving them a head-start against our bullfrogs which are an invasive species. That is fun and amazing to watch them transform. I haven't done that in years, but I raised 100 of them or more.

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