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#138 Bekko Tombo

Critically Endangered

These are considered a natural treasure in Japan, but are also found in China and Korea. They are in the larval stage for a year. They are endangered because the habitat the need of clear open water with reeds around the edges is becoming more scarce. Some of the areas they are still at have had reeds cut to protect from fires, and the waters are becoming more polluted or just going away entirely. I like them, they have a short chonky body in comparison to the dragonflies I usually see here, but I think they are quite striking looking.

When I worked in Northern Canada at a school for First Nation people (a college of sorts, but for 7-15 students) I saw quite a lot more dragonflies than I usually see here. While there, we were riding in the back of a pickup truck when suddenly a dragonfly accidentally slammed into my head. It fell into the truck with us, and the cutest thing was it sat there holding its head with one "hand". I could just imagine him saying something about having a splitting headache. Thankfully it seemed to recover quickly and flew off just fine. Then I was able to help dig a sewage trench without feeling guilty about having accidentally headbutted a dragonfly.

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