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#15 Golden Bamboo Lemur

Critically Endangered

Golden Bamboo lemurs eat mostly bamboo. Giant bamboo shoots have cyanide in them. Due to that, these lemur ingest enough cyanide to kill 12 other animals their same size, but it doesn't bother them. There are only about 250 of them left. They are hunted for the pet trade, and also deal with illegal logging in national parks, and harvesting of bamboo.

I must say, I absolutely hate this painting. They have gorgeous tails, and I wanted to show the tail off. Unfortunately, his face looks as if he was run over by a tractor. I've come to realize that I much prefer to do portraits so I can have detail in the eyes. At the size I am painting, a full body image just is not my favourite. For instance, once the water is added, the different fingers and the 3 or 4 colours I used in the eyes just seems to vanish. I do think he still looks pretty smug which is what I was going for. I mean, a tail like that would make most animals feel a little smug I'd think.

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