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#17 Red-ruffed Lemur

Critically Endangered

There are 2 kinds of ruffed lemurs, this is the other one. They have what I think looks as if they have a tonsure like some sort of monk. They live in small matriarchal groups and can live 15-20 years. This is a large lemur, weighing about 8 pounds. There is so much they have against them with illegal logging, illegal pet trade, cyclones, eagles, snakes, etc., so there is a real possibility they will go extinct in the wild. Thankfully there has been an attempt to ensure that in captivity, inbreeding won't be a big problem, though that means that the very small wild population has been reduced too.

Sometimes when I do a painting, they make me giggle. I really want to show personality in all the paintings I do, and sometimes the personality just makes me happy. This painting makes me yawn though if I look at it too much. The eye especially looks much better in real life. Really, all of these paintings do. You cannot tell that I used 4 colours in the eye because they all blended together when I added water, but that is part of the price of making these paintings so small. I was going to do 9"x12" paintings but then realized that if I did a whole year of them, I would have to find a place to store that many larger paintings, and the cost of framing them was horrifying.

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