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#174 Canterbury Nobbled Weevil

Critically Endangered

First in a week of animals most people think of as pests.

This weevil is from New Zealand. It was thought for quite a while that they were extinct. The last they had been seen was in 1922 until they were rediscovered in 2004. They are about 2/3 of an inch long. The speargrass they eat they eat is also endangered and considered a nuisance. The grass is removed by farmers to create paddock areas, and by anyone making walking paths. As of just a few years ago they were considered the third most endangered species in New Zealand. Their habitat is confined to an area a bit smaller than 7 1/2 acres. A fairly small fire or angry person with a lawn mower could make them go extinct quite easily. There is hope that getting speargrass to spread will help the weevils make a comeback.

I am in that point where I feel like I'm almost done with making Christmas presents, but I also feel like I have so much to do that I'll never get it done. My best friend's daughter wants me to paint a picture for her. I have to add some more to a painting I did for my wrong text friend. I'm sure I've mentioned him before, but if not here's a short version - His wife accidentally texted me from hospice, he started texting me for her when she couldn't anymore, then he kept texting me when she died and now I consider him family. I also have to make a CD for him, and we have presents for my parents and in-laws to finish still. Argh, I feel tired just thinking about it all.

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