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#177 Prairie Sphinx Moth

Critically Endangered

Another of the pest week.

I seriously can find almost nothing about these. The only pictures were from directly above or from underneath, and they were of specimens pinned to something. Typically the IUCN will have something that at least says what the population numbers are thought to be. This time they simply had "unspecified". The last survey they have was from 1996. US Fish and Wildlife say there is no listing status in spite of the IUCN having it as critically endangered. The most recent information I saw from them though was in 1994, and it is quite possible that there was no need to list them at that time. One site seemed to say that they haven't been seen since 2000, but another seemed to say that there are only one or two states where they are truly critically endangered. So, I don't know the facts on this moth I'm afraid.

Whew I am stressed and sad right now. I was making a CD for my wrong text friend. His grandmother was the big bright spot in his life as a child. She taught him German using Christmas carols. I wanted to make him a CD with some German carols, some Christmas songs from his favourite artist Bing Crosby, and some songs that are my favourite as well. I've tried multiple different ways and it is just not working. We keep getting a weird unhelpful error message after it seems to have burned the whole CD and ejected it. Even my computer science man my husband can't figure it out. I was so excited with the idea, but now I'm not sure what I am going to do. I mean I have a couple other things for him, but this was my favourite that I was going to give him.

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