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#179 Glyptotermes Scotti

Critically Endangered

Nearing the end of the week of pests. It wouldn't be complete without a termite in the mix. I only found 2 critically endangered termites, and this one had the most information about them. That said, the information was very sparse. The IUCN said "there is no information available on population size or trends" and that their habitat is going downhill. That was pretty much it. Other than that, I found a Russian Wikipedia page that had a little information. I do not know how well the translation worked, and cannot read Russian, so I hope that it translated it correctly. I don't know why there wasn't an English version of the Wikipedia page. It wasn't very informative, but they did say that this is a small termite. They live on Silhouette Island, part of the Seychelles. Most of the island is a national park, so hopefully they have some protection.

My husband saved the present for my wrong text friend. Something was wrong with the CDs I was using, so he had to get some more for me. I've been working on other presents. This was my first attempt at an idea I have. I decided it was too complex for what I want to do, so I am working on another single line drawing. This one would be a single line if I had been a bit more precise. There are a couple places I messed up but I am still happy with it. I am contemplating making a large version because I quite like it but this one is only about 5" x 6". I will share the other one I'm doing after Christmas. I don't think anyone reads my blog, but on the off chance that the people I'm making gifts for (other than my wrong text friend who I know doesn't read it) decide to pop in here, I am not going to share the presents until the recipients have them.

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