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#248 Shimaakane

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 Days - Day 40

We are halfway through our mini-series trip with Phileas Fogg. Tomorrow we will be coming into Japan and then heading for the US.

Unfortunately, though I searched quite a bit, I could find almost nothing about these. It seems they are from tiny little islands that are part of Japan. It seems they may have been described back in 1913. I did see a stamp with a drawing of them on it. I couldn't find any side view pictures of them, but saw two tiny little photographs from above. I am unable to figure out what the biggest threats to them are, if there are any conservation efforts, or even how many of them there may be left. I at least learned that they are the only species in their genus.

I'm happy, I think I finally have a real pantry. Well, as real as I can afford to have at the moment. We used to have a little corner closet type of thing. Half of it was not terribly usable because it was a triangular space off to the side that if you could fit something into it, you could not see what it was or get it out without taking a bunch of other things out. I'm very much an out of sight out of mind sort of person, and would totally forget that I had Tom Kha seasoning paste, and would get some more because that is one thing I will always willingly eat. Tom Kha is by far my favourite soup of all time I'd say. Our house had a built-in desk which had a couple cupboards above it. We took that all out, and put in an inexpensive shelving unit I found. It holds most of our food so that I can see and organize it! I never realized how happy having a wire shelf to hold our food would make me. It doesn't take a whole lot to make me happy.

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