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#272 Central Valley Grasshopper


Around the World in 80 Days - Day 64

We are getting so close. We probably can see the coast of California right now. These grasshoppers were endemic to Central Valley California. They are listed as extinct, but I got the feeling that some people still hold out hope they are still around. I didn't see any pictures, even of dead specimens, but I saw one description and it said that they looked like a different species, just "plainer in pattern". It seems there may have been a female specimen at the Smithsonian, but it was shown as lost.

Spring break! I'm really hoping that my husband will be able to take the kids and go to some remote spot for camping. I really would love to go, but as I've said, with our dogs it just won't work. That's ok, the rest of the spring break will be great. My favourite thing about vacation time is that the whole family gets to spend time together. I've never been one of the moms who is anxious for summer to end. I loved shopping for school supplies, but was always so sad when the boys weren't home all the time anymore. I love that my husband has to work from home still. My family is my favourite people, and I really enjoy being with them. Ok, so my youngest pretty much wants to spend all day in his room, my oldest wants to drum, my husband goes out and bikes, and I paint. The thing is, vacation gets a slower more together feel even if we barely interact with each other. I normally like to plan ahead for everything, but I can just decide to grab the kids and head out for a drive. The possibilities are endless, even if really all that happens is sitting and painting. I like the idea that there is potential if nothing else.

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