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#353 Marion's Plume Moth

Critically Endangered

There are 2 very limited areas on the island of St Helena (a British overseas territory). It seems the moth is restricted to areas with the Tea Plant. They are thought to have been much more widespread. Unfortunately goats were introduced to the area, and in case you did not know, a goat will eat pretty much anything. Even though these plants are very high in salt content, the goats were happy to eat them. As the goat numbers increased, and the tea plant numbers decreased, the moth numbers most likely plummeted. They were named after the mother of the person who discovered them, Marion Rose. They were described in 2012 and it seems that most sites discussing the different species of plume moths have not been updated in a long time, because most do not mention this species. They are quite small, less than half an inch long, so they are easily mistaken for a mosquito.

I have all but the last animal for this project decided. Well, Wednesday the 16th will be a mammal, and I have given myself 10 mammals to pick from. It will depend on my mood for the day I suppose. Between now and the end of the project I will be painting a couple fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and mammals. I have not figured out what the last day will be. I polled people and it was not clear what was most desired. I have thought about doing another bumblebee because that is what I started with. I've also thought about doing a mammal, because I am one after all, and I think it is often easier for people to see personality in mammals. I am truly very torn and may just ask my family to pick for me. I am not sure but I may have to do one more painting on the road or at least have it fully researched the day beforehand. I will have to take my oldest to his drum corp camp, which means 8+ hours of driving for the day. It really amazes me how tiring just sitting in the car to drive can make you. I would be a horrible long haul truck driver for sure!

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