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#360 Dogwood Long Snout Weevil

Critically Endangered

I mentioned that I was giving myself more leeway now that it is toward the end of this first round. Well, today really is me taking advantage of that. First, all the information I know about these. They are endemic to St. Helena, and their existence seems to be linked to the survival of the dogwoods. Unfortunately the dogwoods are starting to dwindle in numbers too. That's it, sorry, I don't know how big they are, how many there are, if they are endemic to the whole island or just a small part. The thing is, I don't even really know what they look like. In my research I could not find a single article about them. Their name wasn't even mentioned on the couple of brainy science people research paper sites that I usually can find something on even for the more obscure animals. I could not find any written descriptions, no specimens skewered with a pin, not even any scientific drawings of them! The only thing I did find was a photo stream on Flickr by a man who called himself a freelance entomologist and lecturer. He had a lot of incredible insect photographs he had taken. There were some side views of a weevil that he seemed uncertain on the identity but thought maybe it was this species. I had actually been planning on doing a side view of an animal facing to the left since I just did 2 of animals facing right. Because the potential pictures of this were side views, and I never want someone to feel I might have just copied their photographs, front view it is.

I am NOT a morning person. I used to be when I was younger. It was not a problem for me to get up and be ready on time for class. Now, I'm up until 2 and sometimes 3 in the morning most nights and then the dog wakes me up at 6:30 or so, and I end up crashing and needing a nap at some point in the week to make up for the lack of sleep I've had. Well, now I've learned I need to leave the house on Monday by 5 in the morning at the latest. I am not a fan of the idea. It will probably be the last time I have/get to drive my oldest to eastern Washington. Still, I'm already tired just thinking about it! Guess I need to try getting to bed early the next couple days. Sort of start saving up on sleep, or sleep preemptively for that day. I don't think that really works, but I can pretend it does. I will undoubtedly be drinking a large amount of coffee that day.

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