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#41 Red-legged Fire Millipede

Critically Endangered

I've decided to do a series within a series again. I am going to do animals with specific colours in their name for the weekday, take a break for the weekend, then do a different colour the next week. This week is red.

I am finding many animals that do not have a lot of information about them. Millipedes, or at least this kind, do not seem to be studied much at all. They are endemic to a small area of southeast Madagascar. They live in the forest there, don't migrate from their areas, and can live 3-4 years. There seems to be no plan to help them, no conservation areas, no education or awareness programs in place for them either.

Oregon has a few types of millipede, one interesting one called the Yellow-spotted Millipede. They are cool, and emit a cyanide, which it is immune to, that helps fend off predators. They are also called the “almond-scented millipede” since cyanide smells a bit of almonds. This painting is an example of how I am not just trying to paint a plain picture of each of the animals. I am wanting to make art, not scientific illustrations that would be used for instruction. I do hope that I am able to create accurate representations, but that is secondary really to showing personality and the beauty in all the animals I paint.

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