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#51 Sardinian Green Bush Cricket

Critically Endangered

The fourth of the green series

These crickets are in danger because of tourism, farming, and ranching. They do live in one protected area of Sardinia, but otherwise not much seems to be there by way of protection for them. Unlike most crickets they have very long antennas. The females are generally a little bit bigger than the males, up to about 1.7 inches long. I could not find much information about these. Some of the other bush crickets have more that is known about them.

I know many people wouldn't think that protecting crickets would make sense, and that may be part of why there is not much I could find about this kind. The thing is though, these are certainly thought to be a tasty snack by something. So often people try to kill off a pest, even if it is a native one. Think about mosquitoes. Surely there is nothing good about them. Well, Little Brown Bats eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in a single hour. What happens to them if the mosquitoes go away? Take away the crickets and animals that rely on them for food will suffer.

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