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#63 Bolland's Blue

Critically Endangered

Second of the blue series

This tiny butterfly was not seen between 1998 and 2011. They are from Turkey, and while there is a wildlife reserve in the area, much of their habitat is at risk because of chromium mines. Remember the snake I complained about not having much information for? there is even less for this! In my research I learned that they are critically endangered, are terrestrial, and that they have an unknown population trend. So, now we know it doesn't in fact live underwater or in space, but that's it! I am assuming they are small, based on the pictures I saw, but I did not find anywhere that said what they most like to eat, how large they actually are, or anything else about them.

I don't usually have so much of a hint at a background as I do here. I admit to hinting at flowers. I didn't want to detract from the blue of the butterfly by having it flying in the sky, and what butterfly would be happy with just hanging out on grass, and I certainly didn't want it to be on barren ground, so that meant I had to have a happy little idea of a flower for the butterfly to feel at home on. I know, it honestly doesn't care, and I should do whatever is more artistic. I can't help but think that the animal has to stay wherever it is I put them, even though they are only a painting, and I want it to be a place they would like.

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