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#160 Scarce Fritillary Butterfly

Data Deficient

This is the last of November, so the last of my Data Deficient species. They are from Europe and live in forests. Though they aren't listed as critically endangered right now, they were at one point. In fact they are one of Germany's most endangered butterflies. Austria only listed them as endangered, but now, their status as DD means their numbers are essentially scientifically unknown. Unfortunately that doesn't mean it is because they don't need our concern anymore. It simply means there have not been surveys recently (IUCN lists the last one as having happened in 1996). They may not have a current assessment, but they are facing extinction. There is an insecticide meant for a specific moth that puts them at risk, along with diminishing forest areas.

Not easy to see, I just took these with my phone, but this is our advent calendar. I drew different things on all those bags using metallic pens. Below is one of the bags, obviously for day 11. Our tree isn't completed yet or I'd share that too.

My kids are both tall, so having the bags tied on a ribbon up that high is just a minor inconvenience for them, where for me it is almost out of sight out of mind. I joke that I'm "fun size". I'm only 5'4". Tall kids are nice because I can have them get things from top shelves for me. Back before the virus when it was not frowned upon to have more than one person shopping at once, I'd take them with me and have them get things for me on top shelves in the store. Now, I have to wait until I find an employee who is taller, or a nice looking fellow shopper. Either that or I essentially revert back to my elementary school days and pretend the shelves are a jungle gym and climb to reach stuff.

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